Q: Do we meet before the wedding?
A: The most important aspect of wedding photography is the chemistry between the couple and the photographer! Without the chemistry the photos will lack personality and integrity. Therefore I would prefer to meet for a cup of coffee, or if not possible, virtually – and of course it’s okay if you drink tea or something else.

Q: Where are you based?
A: I live in Holbæk, but cover most of Sjælland. I’ve also been shooting wedding photos on Fyn and Jylland – and wouldn’t mind doing it again. 

Q: Do you shoot destination weddings?
A: Yes, I do! Besides loving being a wedding photographer, I absolutely love traveling.

Q: What are the costs for wedding photography?
A: All weddings are unique – so check out my packages, where you can get an estimate. An elopement starts at 5.000 DKK and weddings start at 13.000 DKK. Feel free to contact me here.

Q: When am I sure the date is booked?
A: The date won’t be yours until I’ve received the first payment, latest 5 days after you have signed the contract. The first payment is 33% of the price. I will, however, let you know if I receive other inquiries.

Q: Are you the photographer showing up at our wedding?
A: Yes, I, Kristjan Løk, will be your photographer. However, considering the character of the wedding, I can bring a second shooter/assistant. But it will often just be a one man show (me) who will be showing up. Please let me know if you wish for more photographers.

Q: When will we receive the photos and how many will we receive?
A: You will normally get the photos in 3-4 weeks from the wedding day. According to my experience it will be approximately 40-50 photos pr. hour. The number of hours you have booked me for will reflect the number of photos I will deliver. You will receive a gallery to your email, when the photos have been edited. That being choosing the best photos, editing and then delivering them to you. The gallery you will receive is password-protected, and only the people with the password will be able to access the link (meaning you and yours truly). 

Q: Do you shoot preparation photos?
A: I’m a huge fan of preparation photos and I would love to shoot some of you as well. You get incredibly unique and personal photos, while the bride or groom prepares for their big day. In my opinion the preparation is indispensable.  

Q: When will the portraits be photographed?
A: That depends on your plans for the day. The most important thing is that you take your time for it, so that you can enjoy this time being just the two of you. The big day is often tightly scheduled, therefore it might be nice to have a small break. 

As my photos show I usually don’t shoot traditional portraits. For me it’s about capturing the natural and personal between you.

Q: Do you take photos of the wedding dance?
A: Yes, of course! It’s an important moment for you.

Q: Dresscode?
A: My outfit will depend on the day. As I am working, I would like to be able to wear shorts and a nice shirt. Of course it won’t be the striped swim shorts and hawaiian shirt. This is of course a conversation we can have, once we meet for a cup of coffee.

Q: Do you print photos and make a photo album?
A: Yes, I do. I offer custom designed albums in high quality, made by professionals who are doing it for a living. The same applies for print of photographs.

Q: What’s the style of the photos?
A: I would describe my style as documentaristic. I aim to capture authentic, honest moments, that perpetuate you, the guests and the day.
Your wedding is filled with memories, therefore it’s important for me, that my photographic style matches your preferences.

Q: Do you also shoot black and white photos?
A: I’m very fond of black and white images! There’s something timeless and oldschool about black and white photos. When I shoot digital pictures it gives me the opportunity to work in black and white. So I do both styles. 

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: I use Fuji X100V, X-Pro 3 and Fuji X-T3 with a lot of prime lenses. I shoot in RAW, so that I get the best quality and details when I’m working with the pictures. 

Q: Do you film the wedding?
A: I don’t work with video myself. However I work with very skilled videographers that I can refer you to, if you wish to combine photos and videos at your wedding.

Q: Are you going to use the pictures on your website and social media?
A: I really hope so. Generally a small selection from my jobs will be used for my portfolio and Instagram, if we haven’t made an agreement otherwise.