Kristjan Loek

  • Icehockey-fan
  • Flat white-lover
  • 1288 hours in-game in FM
  • Vinyl collector
  • Dad

My name is Kristjan Løk, I am 29 years old and I live in Holbæk. For a living I fight the black boards as a teacher at Midtsjællands Efterskole, where I teach the subjects danish, global citizens and photography. I spend most of my freetime photographing, both analogue and digital. Besides shooting wedding pictures I also find great joy in portraits and pictures of the city. Here I find my inspiration for my documentary angle on wedding photography. When not found my little family, I’m probably hanging out at a coffee bar or a kebab shop visiting my old hood Nørrebro.

For seven years now I’ve been doing wedding photography and I’m still very ecstatic about it! It’s a privilege that my work is photographing such a meaningful day for a couple. As sincere and spontaneous smiles as wedding couples wear on their lips are rare to come by in your everyday life – so the big day is associated with happiness and excitement.

With my images I try to tell a story. A story, that differs from the others. A story, that you recognize yourself in. A story, in which the atmosphere and feeling from the day will be captured. A story – your story. That’s why the most essential thing for me is that the images I shoot at your wedding will show who you are as people – and not necessarily be fashion pictures for Euroman, Elle or Teen Vogue.